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[4.1.x] Fixed #33317 -- Added note about unconditional evaluation of {% block %} tags.

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......@@ -431,6 +431,15 @@ Here are some tips for working with inheritance:
In larger templates, this technique helps you see which ``{% block %}``
tags are being closed.
* :ttag:`{% block %}<block>` tags are evaluated first. That's why the content
of a block is always overridden, regardless of the truthiness of surrounding
tags. For example, this template will *always* override the content of the
``title`` block::
{% if change_title %}
{% block title %}Hello!{% endblock title %}
{% endif %}
Finally, note that you can't define multiple :ttag:`block` tags with the same
name in the same template. This limitation exists because a block tag works in
"both" directions. That is, a block tag doesn't just provide a hole to fill --
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