Commit eba8e603 authored by Mariusz Felisiak's avatar Mariusz Felisiak
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[4.1.x] Fixed RelatedGeoModelTest.test08_defer_only() on MySQL 8+ with MyISAM storage engine.

parent e69af17ae399
......@@ -201,8 +201,8 @@ class RelatedGeoModelTest(TestCase):
def test08_defer_only(self):
"Testing defer() and only() on Geographic models."
qs = Location.objects.all()
def_qs = Location.objects.defer("point")
qs = Location.objects.all().order_by("pk")
def_qs = Location.objects.defer("point").order_by("pk")
for loc, def_loc in zip(qs, def_qs):
self.assertEqual(loc.point, def_loc.point)
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